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Domestic Violence Trespassing Lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Domestic Violence Trespassing Trespassing is committed when an individual enters or remains unlawfully on the property of another.  It is important to understand that the trespassing laws are written such that a person can be charged even if their initial entry onto the victim's property was authorized.  This situation frequently arises in domestic violence cases in Scottsdale when former partners attempt to reconcile but are unable to work things out.  The end result often includes someone overstaying their welcome or refusing to leave after they are told to leave.  In such cases, the individual can be arrested and charged with trespassing.  It is critical that you reach out to a qualified Scottsdale domestic violence attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

Depending on whether the victim's house, car, or other property was the location of the trespass, the offense can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor.  Trespass in the first degree is the most serious trespassing offense and is committed when a person enters or remains unlawfully in or on the victim's "residential structure" which typically means their house or apartment.  Trespassing in the first degree is a class six felony and can result in a maximum sentence of two years in prison.  If convicted of any felony offense, an individual loses his civil rights, including the right to vote or possess a firearm.  Moreover, a felony conviction can automatically disqualify you from many job opportunities or be grounds for termination from your existing job.  The potential penalties for a trespassing conviction are serious.  Do not risk your future and your freedom - contact Scottsdale Trespassing Attorney Joshua S. Davidson immediately.

Scottsdale Domestic Violence Trespassing Lawyer

Although somewhat less serious, misdemeanor trespassing can likewise result in serious consequences to you an your future, particularly if the offense is charged as a domestic violence offense.  If you have been charged with any trespassing crime in Scottsdale, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney who understands the legal system and will fight for the freedom and rights of his clients. Scottsdale Domestic Violence Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who will do just that.  Call him today for your free initial consultation and see how he can put his experience to work for you!

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